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How to declutter your video game collection

Buying video games is addictive. There’s not much better than buying something new, cracking it open and enjoying a few hours of gaming bliss.

But it’s also unsustainable. Games take up precious space that could be used for other, more useful stuff. Here’s how to make sure your collection doesn’t get out of control.

The 6 month rule

Sell anything you haven’t played for over 6 months. There are so many games coming out these days that you probably won’t play them again.

You can overrule this for games you haven’t got round to playing yet, although consider it: they’ll probably be worth more than your old games.

Sell anything you’ve completed

Completing a game means different things to different people. Some people like to do absolutely everything, while others are happy as soon as the end credits roll.

The point is, you know when you’re done with a game. There’s no point leaving on the shelf to gather dust. The sooner you sell it, the more money you’ll likely to get back!

Trade up

Last year, a bazillion new games were released. Alright, well it wasn’t that much. But it was a lot, and all of those games cost a lot of money.

If you want to keep up with what’s new, you either need a) a lot of money or b) to be clever with your games collection. Trading in games is a great way to subsidise the cost of new games. Not only will you get to play the latest games for less, but you’ll have more space in your house too!

If you aren’t sure what to sell, value your games using our free app!

Add up how long it would take to play through your entire collection

AKA the reality check. The super handy website HowLongToBeat tells you roughly how long it takes to complete a game based on feedback from people who’ve played it.

Take the completion time for each of the games in your collection and add them all together – the result might shock you into selling a few games!

Make a game of it

Decluttering can be boring and definitely isn’t as fun as playing games.

There is a solution though: make a game out of decluttering!

Here’s an example: taking inspiration from Resident Evil’s legendary item management, select a space smaller than your current games storage space in your home and try and fit as many games as you can in there. You’ll be forced into some tough decisions but the satisfaction at the end is worth it.

Remember: games don’t hold their value!

With so many video games released each year, it’s no surprise that a lot of them don’t hold their value that well. There are some exceptions – Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, for example – but most depreciate pretty quickly.

Basically, there’s no real point in hanging onto anything you aren’t playing anymore. Unless it’s super rare, you’ll only get the best price for it by selling as soon as possible.

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