4 superheroes who should get an R-rated movie after Deadpool

So, Deadpool is pretty popular. Ryan Reynold’s foul-mouthed merc’s first solo movie has been a smash hit at the box office, grossing over $600 million worldwide and well on its way to becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

This is kind of a surprise, because superhero movies usually rely at least a little bit on kids to ramp up their box office figures. Not Deadpool though. Now movie execs have evidence that putting tons of cussing, violence and sex in their superhero movies works, we can expect a few more R-rated superhero flicks (Batman v Superman will have an R-rated cut on DVD, for example).

Here are the superheroes we’d like to see in their own ultra-violent, cuss-laden movies.

The Punisher

Yeah, yeah; there’s been like three attempts to make a good Punisher movie already and they’ve all failed (although we have a soft spot for War Zone), and they’re all R-rated too.

But superhero movies have moved on a lot since…erm, 2008. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now one of the biggest franchises ever, with huge budgets and big name directors clamoring to get their hands on a superhero movie. Surely someone out there could make a good Punisher movie?!

Will it happen? It’s pretty unlikely. Marvel’s current output is family-friendly and we doubt Disney would be happy to put their name behind a movie about a dude whose sole super-power is killing and maiming people.

We’ll definitely see the Punisher on our screens again though, as Jon Berthnal (AKA Shane from The Walking Dead) is playing him in the new series of Daredevil. Marvel officially got the rights to the character back last year, so maybe he’ll get his own series.


Everyone’s favourite X-Man has been in his fair share of movies but none of them have been that violent. Which is weird, considering the guy has huge claws at the end of his fists. You’d expect at least a little bit of blood.

While we doubt there will ever be an R-rated X-Men movie (although we like the idea of Patrick Stewart cursing everyone out), we reckon a Wolverine movie in the style of Kill Bill or Oldboy would be a-may-zing.

Will it happen? Yep, it’s pretty much confirmed. Wolverine 3 will be gunning for an R-rating, although it’s claimed the decision was made before Deadpool made a ton of money. Either way, we’ll be seeing Hugh Jackman cursing and slashing people up in 2017.

Fantastic Four

Marvel’s first family are in a dire place after last year’sreboot, which was a kind of an awkward kinda-indie-but-not-really take on the franchise. It had a great cast and a promising director but audiences didn’t take to it.

As a result of Fantastic Four’s terrible performance, a previously confirmed sequel has been rescheduled from 2017 to presumably never.

So, the indie approach didn’t work and the super-happy and colorful approach of the 2000s didn’t work either. The only approach left? The Thing crushing people under his fist while the Human Torch shouts cuss words.

Will it happen? Never. The Fantastic Four are about as wholesome and fun as Marvel gets and we doubt they’d ever sanction anything with Mr. Fantastic saying the F word.

However, Marvel don’t actually own the movie rights to Fantastic Four and Fox will be looking for a way to make money off the property. After Deadpool’s success, anything is fair game!

The Hulk

If The Hulk was real, there’s literally no way his rampages wouldn’t be R-rated: he runs around smashing up cities, tanks and people with the strength of a thousand men. Those shorts probably wouldn’t rip so conveniently in real life either.

Put it this way: the realistic version of the Hulk Smash on Loki in The Avengers would be more horrifying than funny.

Will it happen? We’re still waiting for a solo Hulk movie, let alone an R-rated one. Don’t get your hopes up.

Which superheroes would you like to see get there own R-rated movies? Let us know in the comments!

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