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9 of the craziest ways to play your favorite games

Bored of playing games how you’re ‘supposed’ to? Then try one of these crazy ways to play games from across the web!

Complete Dark Souls with a stupid impractical controller

Finishing Dark Souls is hard enough with a normal controller, so imagine trying to do it with a Guitar Hero controller.

That’s exactly what YouTuber Bearzly did. And it’s not the only wacky controller he’s used to play the game: he’s also used a piano, the drums from RockBand and, most amazingly of all, the Bongo Drums from Donkey Konga!

The first person to send us a video of them completing Souls with a dancemat or a lightgun will win our eternal respect.

Complete Fallout 4 without killing anyone

On the face of it, completing Fallout 4 with no kills is impossible: how are you supposed to survive a Deathclaw onslaught or get through a camp full of Super Mutants without your trusty gun?

Yet Kyle Hinckley AKA The Weirdest managed to do just that – and almost broke the game in the process.

Despite the game forcing Hinckley into a number of situations where it seemed like he ‘had’ to kill baddies, he found a way round it. With high charisma, he could get some characters to calm down, while he encouraged others to kill each other.

The biggest obstacle was when Hinckley encountered a boss you have to kill to progress. He got through it by getting the baddies’ health down just enough before brainwashing his minions to kill him. It took 5 hours!

You can read more about the full playthrough here. Try it yourself – if you dare!

Conquer Fallout: New Vegas without healing

Yep, you read that right: all 60 (or so) hours without healing once. If you die, you die for good.

Amazingly, YouTube channel Many a True Nerd managed to complete the whole game without so much as looking at a Stimpak. On hardcore mode. Gulp.

It took him 5 months of creeping around the weakest of baddies, so if you’ve got a couple of months free and want to put yourself through sheer videogame hell, here’s your challenge!

Capture a Minecraft boss and make him your pet

Bosses are supposed to be big, scary baddies who can destroy you with a single hit. They aren’t supposed to be pets.

Yet, some Minecraft players saw a big bad Elder Guardian and, instead of running for their lives, decided: ‘I must own it’.

And so began the epic journey to transport the beast from his home in a dungeon to a specially built aquarium using just a well placed mine track and lots of invisibility potions.

If you want to try it yourself, you can find the full guide here. We wouldn’t recommend taking him out for a walk though.

Play Civilisation II for 10 years and watch the world burn

Most people played Civilisation II for a couple of months before moving onto something else. Not Reddit user Lycerius.

He played the same game of Civilisation II for 10 years just to see what would happen, which took him to 3991 A.D. in game.

So what happens in 3991 A.D? Space exploration? Flying cars? Robot butlers?

Erm…not quite. Instead, Lycerius’ future world has been devastated by numerous nuclear wars and is controlled by 3 super states who can’t stop fighting. Pretty much everyone is dead. It’s basically Fallout 4 but more depressing.

Take The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Uber Challenge

One of the internet’s most renowned gaming challenges is also one of its most difficult.

The rules of the uber challenge are far too detailed to explain here, but they include stipulations like not dying, sticking to 3 heart pieces throughout the game and using a broken sword. It will make you cry, but it also makes completing tiny tasks extremely enjoyable.

Check out the full guide to the Uber Challenge here!

Normal living in just about anything

Some people play games to escape the daily grind. Others play games to keep it going.

The concept is simple: rather than heading out on a big adventure or taking part in a huge car chase, you simply live as an average joe in whichever game you’re playing.

That means no fighting, no adventuring and no stealing, while also eating and drinking on a regular basis. Of course, you’ll need to earn some cash for food, which means taking up a job. Yep, people actually do this.

Have a beer playing Kario Mart

While we’d always encourage responsible drinking here at Decluttr, this Mario Kart drinking game is just too fun to pass up.

The aim is to drink a beer before completing a track, but there’s a catch: you can’t drink and drive. Every time you want to drink, you have to stop driving. What emerges is a weirdly tactical game that generally descends into anarchy around the 4th track.

Nuzlocke – the saddest way to play Pokemon

As anyone who was a kid 10-15 years ago will know, Pokemon never die – only knocked out.

Not in Nuzlocke: according to the rules of this play style, you have to release a Pokemon when it faints and pretend it’s dead. Even that cute little critter you named after your dog. Prepare to have your childhood drowned in a flood of tears.

Have you come up with a fun way to play your favourite games? Share them in the comments!

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