Too Old to Rock? A Look at 6 Musicians Over 60

It seems 2015 is the year for reunions. Musicians who have been on hiatus for more than 20 years are getting back together and setting out on cross-country tours. Is it because they miss the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle? Do they miss the spotlight? Nah, they probably just miss the money.

Here’s a look at a 6 older rockers who don’t need rockers in order to rock.

1. Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones

Age: 71

Jagger Then

Mick Jagger Then Via Wikimedia


Jagger Now

Mick Jagger Now Via Flickr user xiquinho



Mick Jagger looks like he’s being held up by invisible strings these days. But at least he’s still got his pipes. The Rolling Stones formed in London way back in 1962. Nearly 30 studio albums and more than 50 years later, they’re still going strong.

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

2. David Bowie

Age: 68

Bowie Then

David Bowie Then Via Flickr user summer1978


Bowie Now

David Bowie Now Via Flickr user markjeremy


The man of glam, David Bowie was one the pioneering members of the 70s’ glam-rock scene. Even at 68, he’s still oozing with style. His latest albums have found critical success and are included in many top 10 lists.

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

3. Elvis Costello

Age: 60

Costello Then

Elvis Costello Then Via Flickr user x1brett


Costello Now

Elvis Costello Now Via Flickr user helldini


One of the founding members of the Punk and New Wave movements, Elvis Costello (the other Elvis) has been rocking since the late 70s. Known for his thick-rimmed glasses and impeccable garb, he was a hipster before there were hipsters.

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

4. Bob Dylan

Age: 74

Dylan Then

Bob Dylan Then Via Wikimedia


Dylan Now

Bob Dylan Now Via Flickr user vilavelosa


A total of 38 studio albums, 58 singles, 11 live albums and 11 bootleg albums (and counting) for any group is amazing, but for a one-man band it’s nothing short of legendary. Bob Dylan is one of the most prolific musicians in history, and he’s practically always on tour. (See link below for proof.)

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

5. Neil Young

Age: 70

Young Then

Neil Young Then Via Wikimedia


Young Now

Neil Young Now Via Flickr user kyonokyonokyono


Neil (not-so-)Young is a Canadian singer-songwriter who’s been breaking hearts since the 60s. An outspoken libertarian, his songs prominently feature political undertones.

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

6. Steven Winwood

Age: 67

Winwood Then

Steve Winwood Then Via Wikimedia


Winwood Now

Steve Winwood Now Via Wikimedia


Originally from England, today Steve Winwood spends most of his time in Nashville—at least when he’s not on tour. Here’s a fun fact: Steve’s collaborated with Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison and Billy Joel just to name a few.

(Upcoming Tour Dates)

Does age play a factor in how hard someone can rock? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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