What if Apple designed famous landmarks?

Apple is well known for its sleek, minimal and practical design aesthetic. It’s blessed the world with pioneering touch-screen technology, the virtual assistance of Siri, legal media downloads and truly wireless listening power.

Adopting Steve Job’s “design is how it works, not how it looks” mentality, we translated his vision by redesigning some of the world’s most iconic landmarks - Apple style.

From simple recolouring to city-wide health tracking, see how Apple has revolutionised these famous landmarks:

Taj Mahal Pro

Saw an ad about something you were talking about today? You can thank the AirPods floating atop the Taj Mahal Pro. Really, they’re listening.

The Taj Mahal Pro is coloured like one of the first vintage computers and in true mausoleum style - holds generations of Macintosh products.

Appire State Building

Powered by an antenna and keeping its art-deco charm, The Appire State Building lights up the streets of New York for miles thanks to its grandiose apps. You know it, we know it - if our screens are getting bigger, why not our apps too?

Big Clock

Londoners, Unite! Let’s close the Move, Exercise and Stand rings together. With 8.136 million residents, we’re sure this won’t be a problem.

iFel Tower

Keeping its iron lattice structure, the iFel now stands in Apple’s iconic colour 'Space Grey' and illuminates the Apple logo across Paris. C'est cool!

iHollywood Sign

Apple is already a huge fan of the simplistic Hollywood font and structure, but nothing says Apple than sticking an “i” in front of its product name.

Statue of Productivity

Let Lady Liberty light the way with her Apple Pencil, inspiring all to draw, jot and swipe their way to productivity.


What better way than to commemorate the pioneer of the microcomputer than placing his head on a lion’s body? The newly designed Sphinx not only symbolises strength and wisdom, but the life saver that is retina display.

Straight Tower of Apple

The Apple design way of life set this iconic landmark straight, and finished it off in one of the first ever Macintosh colours “Mystic”, paying homage to the Color Classic III, which never saw production.

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