We spend so much time on our phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, and other electronic devices, it's frustrating when they don’t work the way they should. 

From app freezes or crashes and performance issues, through to data and privacy breaches, there are plenty of different reasons users all around the world leave one star reviews on their favorite apps. 

In order to find out exactly which of the most downloaded apps had the highest percentage of 1 star ratings, Decluttr scraped the Apple App Store to compile the number of reviews per most downloaded app. We compared the number of 1 star reviews against the overall total number of reviews, to identify the top 100+ apps users love to complain about.  

This study additionally highlights interesting insight into how much time we actually spend on social media, how to track the amount of notifications individuals receive each day, as well as advice on how users can limit their screen time. Read on to learn more.


To determine which of the most downloaded apps users love to complain about the most, we looked at those with the highest percentage of 1 star ratings based on their total number of reviews. Read on to find out what we discovered…


Networking app, Facebook takes the crown for having the highest number of 1 star reviews - 61% of the social media app’s 1.25M total reviews happen to be a one star rating! At present, on the App Store Facebook has a mediocre 2.2 star rating. But why? App Store users often complain about Facebook's confusing interface and navigation settings. Others complained that the latest update of the social network app has decreased the user experience, due to frequent glitches.


Streaming platform, HBO Max, ranks second, with a huge 38.8% of the app’s overall reviews rated as 1 star. According to Apple App Store reviews, HBO Max has an unstable app performance, frequent app crashes, and a laborious navigation process, to name a few. 


Social media messaging app, Snapchat, takes third place with 24% of its overall 1M+ reviews, rated 1 star. Users on both the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store have commented that the quality of Snapchat’s images on an Android phone are inferior to those on an iPhone - often appearing pixelated and grainy. Parents of children with the app often express worries that the app is unsafe, with disappearing photographs and sharing of location through ‘snap maps’. 


Netflix is one of the most used streaming apps out there - still it is certainly not shy of criticism. Netflix ranks fourth, with 21.7% of 1 star ratings. Some of the main complaints are that Netflix often stops during playback, supplies users with bad recommendations, and it often allows its trailers to play by default. There are many ways users can improve their service however, including; resetting the apps algorithm or using a VPN to stream content. 


It’s not us, it’s you, Tinder. Turns out a lot of people have swiped left on their Tinder ratings, as the dating app sits a firm 5th place with 19.73% of one star reviews. Dating apps certainly aren’t for everyone and Apple App Store users have complained the dating app has a lot of bugs and glitches, causing performance issues. Other users' complaints included that they didn’t get notifications when messages came through, despite having their notifications turned on in settings. Still, with more than 200,000 5-star ratings, the dating app is obviously working its charm for some individuals. 

Tinder additionally ranks worst for one star ratings when compared to other apps within the lifestyle sector, like Pinterest and dating app competitor, Hinge. 


With Facebook sitting a firm first place for most complained about apps on the App Store, it's unsurprising that Messenger sits 6th. With over one billion monthly users, out of Messenger’s 1,288,230 reviews on the App Store, a huge 13% are 1 star ratings. But why? Based on Apple App store reviews, Facebook Messenger is in need of a necessary update. Complete with common bugs, glitches and frequent shutdowns, users are frequently complaining of the messaging app's unstable performance. 


NYC bike share system, Citi Bike is seventh in the ranking for most complaints. With minimal reviews in comparison to social media giant Facebook, 12.75% of them are a 1 star rating. Users have complained about the app unknowingly signing them up for a one year membership, not having enough bikes in their areas, unfair extra payments, and general app navigation issues. 

8. Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews - YELP DELIVERS YET ANOTHER 1 STAR RATING

Food delivery and review app, Yelp ranks 8th in the ranking - from making reservations, ordering takeout, comparing quotes, and booking appointments, users can do it all on Yelp. However, with 11.97% of 1 star reviews many users have complained about the app not being user friendly and often freezing. Yelp? Could it be time for an upgrade?


The New York Times is iconic by name - yes. However, with 10.80% of users rating the app as 1 star, The New York Times review ranking is anything but iconic. Users often complain that the app is slow with poor performance and terrible ad tracking - many suggested the app's so-called upgrade was in fact a downgrade…


Claiming to be experts in all things cleaning and storage, are not quite the experts in app reviews… With 10.17% of 1 star ratings - users complained the app is confusing to use, with lots of unwanted adverts. It could be time for the app to clean up its act!

The 100+ Apps Americans Love to Complain About, Ranked

Based on apps in the Apple App Store and percentage of 1 star reviews

App Name Company 1 Star Review %
Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. 61.44%
HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies WarnerMedia 38.42%
Snapchat Snap, Inc. 23.83%
Netflix Netflix, Inc. 21.70%
Tinder - Dating New People Tinder Inc. 19.73%
Messenger Meta Platforms, Inc. 13.01%
Citi Bike Lyft Bikes and Scooters, LLC 12.75%
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Yelp 11.97%
The New York Times The New York Times Company 10.80%
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage Roman Burov 10.17%
obimy Ievgenii Zasutskyi 9.79%
CapCut - Video Editor Bytedance Pte. Ltd 9.48%
Disney+ Disney 9.44%
DIRECTV AT&T Services, Inc. 9.43%
Telegram Messenger Telegram FZ-LLC 9.35%
Bumble - Dating. Friends. Bizz Bumble Holding Limited 7.64%
PlayStation App PlayStation Mobile Inc. 7.44%
Google Home Google LLC 6.87%
Paramount+ CBS Interactive 6.73%
onX Offroad: GPS 4x4, ATV Maps onXmaps, Inc. 6.68%

Take a look at the full list of apps Americans complained about most here! 


HBO Max ranked the least entertaining app

It seems users’ favorite entertainment and streaming apps aren’t quite as entertaining as they would have hoped, raking in the 1 star reviews… Even app of the moment TikTok ranks tenth in the ratings, with users complaining they are often experiencing bugs and a lot of app crashes.

Of course, HBO Max takes the crown for worst reviewed entertainment app. Not really surprising after the streaming app crashed for thousands of users, when ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel ‘House of Dragon’ made its debut in mid-August! After a long three year wait, it seems that viewers had to wait even longer because of the HBO Max app blip… Suggesting it could definitely be time for a redesign. It looks like users are in luck, as a shiny new app should be coming their way in 2023…

Cash App is cashing in the one star reviews

Mobile peer-to-peer payment service, Cash App seems it is being paid back in one star reviews - ranking worst in our finance listings! Users definitely didn’t hold back on the criticism; from reported hackings of the app, supposed scams, and fraudulent behaviour! Some reviews even stated they would have given the app zero stars if the option was there.

Many users have said they have resorted to using PayPal instead - still PayPal’s reviews aren’t much better.

No Mclovin’ for the McDonald’s app

Yelp takes the win for the food and drink app with the most negative reviews, After being rated eighth in the overall ranking… Yet we are stunned to see the beloved and world renowned fast food giant McDonald’s sitting second place in this category! It seems users are not Mclovin’ the app experience, with many complaining about the app's painful registration process and difficult user interface, making ordering your favorite cheeseburger a tad tedious.

Users aren’t quite sharing the love for Obimy

We already know from the top 40 listings that many users worldwide are swiping left on the Tinder app, but it seems users aren’t feeling the love for lifestyle app Obimy either. Designed as a new simple way to connect with your partner, friends and relatives, Obimy has received its fair share of 1 star reviews. Users have complained that the app has a very buggy execution which takes away from the user experience and journey. 

Interestingly, all three world-renowned dating apps are in the top worst reviewed - Bumble sits third place and Hinge fifth. But what exactly is it users are complaining about when it comes to dating apps?

Hinge users have complained the app's settings aren’t always correct and up-to-date, for example, showing them individuals outside of their preferred radius. Others commented that the app had poor functionality and often froze. 

Bumble had similar feedback from users stating that the app needed better features and functionality. Users also flagged that Bumble didn’t always notify them of messages despite having their notification settings turned on. Out of all three dating apps, Bumble had the highest amount of 5 star reviews. 

Still, it seems users haven’t quite found their perfect match when it comes to lifestyle apps…

Users are pressing pause on the positive reviews for SoundCloud

SoundCloud ranks top for the music app with the most negative reviews, with users complaining that the app has a terrible interface and doesn’t live up to the desktop version. 

Radio Garden Live is a broadcasting app that allows users to listen to thousands of live radio shows worldwide. Despite having a good amount of 5 star reviews Radio Garden Live is ranked second for most negative reviews within the music app sector. Why? Users on the Apple App Store have complained that even though the app is a great concept, there are lots of ads throughout the app and it has a clumsy interface. 

We’re surprised to see beloved music app Spotify ranks third with 1.9% 1 star reviews - it looks like some of the most popular music apps could be due a remix…

Users are putting the brakes on five star reviews

Citibike again comes up top in our navigation listings, followed closely behind onX Offroad - the off-roading and snowmobiling app, designed to plan and track adventurers’ trips. Users have rated onX Offroad poorly for a number of reasons including many functionality issues, for example the app not working when users phones are turned horizontally. 

Parking apps, ParkMobile and ParkWhiz are both in our top ten worst navigation apps, with some users stating they aren’t user-friendly with a frustrating login process. Some users even stated they were some of the worst parking apps they have used! It could be time to park up and think of a redesign?

This just in - users love to complain about news apps

The New York Times sits a firm first place for news apps with the most complaints. Surprisingly, up next is Twitter - users have taken to the App Store to complain about the app's latest update and increasing number of ads. It seems it is time to spread your wings for a ‘new’ new update, Twitter…

Users are chatting negatively about the social media app, Snapchat

Ranked third in the overall ranking, Snapchat also has the highest percentage of negative reviews when compared to other photo-sharing apps of its time, followed by Expert Cleaner, and video editor app, CapCut. User complaints for CapCut included the app not allowing them creative freedom and frequent app crashes.

When it comes to apps, Google has more 1 star ratings than rival Microsoft

Gmail has (29,095) new one star ratings -  not quite the notification that world renowned productivity app, Gmail would want to receive. Ranked with most 1 star reviews when compared to other apps within the productivity sector, like Microsoft Outlook and Google Sheets. Still, its one star ratings only make up a small 5.61% of its overall reviews, with 405,419 people rating the app as five star!

Users not too keen on SHEIN

In recent years, it goes without saying SHEIN has taken the fast fashion world by storm, that being said users aren’t quite satisfied with the shopping experience on the app. Users have complained that the app has a poor user experience, for example: difficulty finding the customer service section. 

Surprisingly, world renowned sportswear brand Nike is ranked 8th worst in the shopping app sector! Customers have complained that the app is missing a UPC scanning function and many others have complained the app has frequently cancelled orders… Not what you want when you are waiting on a pair of the latest Jordans!

Facebook receives a thumbs down from users

It looks like Facebook is once again in the bad books with its users. The app ranks top for the social networking app with the most negative reviews…. Oh dear Facebook, is it time for a redesign?

The latest photo sharing social media app, BeReal is quite the favorite when it comes to 1 star reviews. Users are stating the app has a great deal of potential but needs a little work on its bugs and inaccurate notification settings. Seeing as it is new to the social media world we think we can let the bad reviews slide… Just this once.

Destination: One star reviews

Uber, known for its reasonable, speedy and convenient service to get users all around the world from A to B, seems to have hit the brakes on its five star reviews. Uber ranks top for the most negative 1 star ratings with users hitting back at the travel service for supposedly having terrible GPS navigation and the pick up times on the app getting worse and worse… perhaps abetter GPS system could put the app back in the fast lane to five star reviews.

American Airlines ranks second with 5.61% of negative reviews - users of the app complain it has bad functionality, a slow loading time, and inconvenient freezing. It seems the American Airlines app isn’t quite high flying in the app world!


With hundreds of apps to choose from, and users accessing apps for a wide range of reasons including; social media, education, lifestyle, entertainment, gaming and more - individuals worldwide just can’t seem to put their phones down. According to our research in 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day, which is a two minute increase from 2021. Interestingly, data has shown that people across the globe on average spend more time on social media and apps today than they did throughout the whole pandemic!

And Americans aren’t the worst - even though the daily amount of time the average American spends on their phone is two hours and three minutes,  - that’s 110 minutes less than the average in the Philippines!

Which is the most popular social media app?

Facebook takes the win as the most popular social media app worldwide and actually was the first networking app to bypass one billion registered accounts - today it currently sits at more than 2.89 billion monthly active users. Next in line is YouTube, closely followed by WhatsApp and photo-sharing app Instagram. 

Of course we can’t forget about the world renowned video sharing app, TikTok, that Millennials and Gen Z can’t seem to get enough of. In fact, research has shown the average user is spending over 11 hours a week on the app - that’s longer than a typical 9-5 work day!


In an always-on era, limiting our screen time has been made a whole lot harder thanks to push notifications. The buzz, ping or ring from our handbags or coat pockets, has users itching to check their phone screens immediately. Today, there is an app for pretty much everything and with each app comes a different notification. According to our research, the average person gets between 65 and 80 notifications per day - that’s a lot of distractions! One distraction and it can take almost 25 minutes to get back on track!

Users can track just how many notifications they get through to their iPhone screens each day by following the below steps:

  1. Click on the settings tab on your homescreen
  2. Click screen time - in this section users can also set downtime, app limits and content and privacy restrictions 
  3. Click see all activity - this section will show users how long they have spent using each app that day/or week 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom where it lists notifications - this will show users their total number of notifications, as well as how many they had from each of their downloaded apps

There are also ways in which users can limit the amount of notifications that come through to their phone screen each day:

  • Do not disturb or focus time - allows users to create a notification blackout throughout certain hours of the day 
  • Users can also turn off notifications for certain apps, for example turning off social media notifications but keeping email and text notifications on

So that’s a wrap on the apps that users most love to complain about… If you enjoyed this article head over to our blog for more. Alternatively, find out how to trade in your phone or take a look at our range of great value refurbished phones!


After scraping the Apple App Store for the most downloaded apps by each category, we utilised Sensor Tower to provide a breakdown of each app's reviews by star rating. This enabled us to compile the number of reviews per most downloaded app and compare it to the number of 1 star reviews received to calculate the percentage of 1 star reviews.