Affiliate Program

Tracking, Reporting and Account Info

How does the program know when I’ve sent them a sale?

When a customer clicks through from your site to ours, AWIN drops a cookie with your unique publisher ID number embedded in it. Links that you create within AWIN will automatically have your unique ID included. You can access these links and banners by logging onto your AWIN account and choosing from any of the banners or text links.

How does the Sale/ Trade-in Process work?

When customers arrive on Decluttr from your site they can either trade-in unwanted goods to us or purchase goods from the Decluttr Store.

Trade-In – Customers enter their items using our website or app to get an instant price. They then pack their items into a box and ship them for free. We’ll then pay them the day after their items arrive.

Store Purchases – customers can purchase pre-owned goods directly from the Decluttr Store.

When and how are orders validated?

When a customer completes the process online to trade-in their goods, or purchases from the Decluttr Store using your unique tracked link, the order will show in your AWIN account as a pending sale. Once a month, we will check that the Store purchase hasn’t been returned, or that we have received the goods from the customer’s trade-in, and pay you a commission for all confirmed sales/ trades.

What reports do AWIN provide?

Every click and sale/ trade is logged by AWIN along with the transaction value, commission amount and product category (if applicable)

You can view a variety of reports in the ‘Reports’ section on the AWIN platform.

What is your cookie policy?

When you refer a customer to Decluttr a cookie is dropped which credits you for the click and any subsequent sale/ trade. This cookie remains in place for 30 days, which means you’ll still be credited with the sale if a customer re-visits Decluttr and completes a purchase after they have navigated away.. As with most affiliate programs, your cookie will be overridden should a customer return to Decluttr through a paid media channel including: PPC, Paid Social and Display.