10 signs it’s time to upgrade your phone

Your phone is your mobile hub of activity. It's used for work, business, entertainment, and so much more. When you put your phone to use for hours a day, there's bound to be wear and tear. But how do you know when it's finally time to upgrade? Whether the new iPhone 14 has caught your eye or your current phone is underperforming, here are a few sure-fire signs it's time to upgrade your phone!

Charging options are limited

If you're still using traditional USB charging, it might be time to upgrade your phone.

Newer models are adding cool new innovative charging features, giving users better variety when it comes to charging their cell phones. Some models now have MagSafe charging, Qi wireless charging, and PowerShare, to name a few!

Regardless of which charging type you prefer, your phone needs to support the features for you to benefit from them. So if you want more options for charging your device, you may need to trade in your phone for a newer model to reap the benefits!

You envy facial recognition

If you're tired of typing in your passcode, you might want to consider upgrading your phone.

First released on both iPhone and Samsung devices in 2017, facial recognition is a handy feature on many new phone models. This feature makes it possible to unlock your phone without touching it. Using facial recognition, you can open your phone with a smile instead of a bunch of numbers!

For those that prefer multiple options, Samsung cell phones from 2020 onwards have both fingerprint and facial recognition, meaning you can unlock your phone with your fingerprint or face!

Specific newer Samsung models have moved their fingerprint recognition system into the screen. This means that you don't need to place your finger on a button or particular area - you simply pop your finger anywhere on the display screen and your phone will unlock!

Depending on your phone's age, you may miss out on facial or fingerprint recognition features. If that's the case, take it as a sign to upgrade!

Your phone screen is damaged

We've all been there: You drop your phone on the ground or it slips out of your hands, and suddenly you have a cracked screen. It's happened to us all, and it's one of the reasons you should upgrade your phone!

Cracks and scratches can stop your touch screen from working correctly or lead to water damage, which could ruin your phone entirely. So if your phone is riddled with cracks or scratches on your screen, don't ignore them!

If your phone screen is sporting a crack or two, trade it in and upgrade to a newer one - and it may be worth investing in a screen protector too!

Phone updates no longer work

Is your phone struggling to download new software and updates? If so, it may be an indication to trade in your phone for an upgrade!

Have you ever wondered what these software updates actually do for your phone? Well, they're actually very important! These updates fix bugs and issues within your phone's software. If your phone isn't updated regularly, it will be more vulnerable to data leaks and potential hacking.

Unfortunately, when your phone reaches a certain age, it will no longer be able to update to the latest software. If this has happened with your current phone, you should upgrade to get a better (and safer) experience!

Your battery constantly drains

Your phone's battery is one of the most essential parts of your device, so if you're noticing that your battery is draining faster than usual, it could mean that your battery is losing its ability to function efficiently.

While you can make your battery last longer by changing specific settings on your device, this will only work for so long if there is an issue with your battery.

Replacing the battery is an option, but one that isn't very cost-efficient if you weigh up your other options. It would be cheaper in the long run to trade in your phone for a new one - this way, you'll get a new battery and a phone with newer and better features that will last a good few years!

There's never enough storage space

Running out of space is one of the most annoying things that can happen to your phone. When this happens, you should upgrade to a phone with bigger storage instead of deleting precious photos or apps!

With large software updates and hundreds of apps to download, it's surprisingly easy to use up your phone's storage space. New devices now come with more storage space - some phones even offer a massive 1TB of storage!

So if you find yourself constantly deleting photos and videos because you don't have enough space, it might be time to look into upgrading your device!

Loading speeds are slow

Are you sick of seeing the loading cog go round while you impatiently wait for your phone to keep up with you? If so, it may be time to retire your current phone for a newer model.

The older your phone gets, the slower it will be. This is because new software updates prompt companies to create apps that use more power to run faster, making it harder for older phones to keep up with the newer, more demanding apps.

If your phone's loading speed has started to deteriorate, it's a good indication that an upgrade is due.

Certain apps aren't available anymore

Have you noticed that certain apps no longer work on your cell phone? This can happen when your phone no longer supports the new software needed to download these apps, which is less than ideal for any phone user!

Apps such as Google Maps, Whatsapp and YouTube are just some of the apps that no longer work on older operating systems. And while it may be bearable for you now, as the years go by, more and more apps will stop running on your phone.

This may leave you in a situation where you can't use any of your favorite apps anymore unless you upgrade!

Your photos don't look the best

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok, a good camera is a must-have for any phone.

Over the years, smartphone cameras have improved drastically. Due to this, for those that have an older phone model, you may notice your photos looking sub-par compared to others.

If you're looking to freshen up your camera roll or capture memories in HD quality, there are many cell phones with excellent cameras to choose from!

You want to upgrade

Sometimes you don't need a reason to upgrade your phone other than wanting to - and that's ok!

Does your current phone perform as well as it did the day you unboxed it? Are there new features you want that your current phone doesn't have? It may be worth considering your phone's features, performance and price and comparing it to newer models on the market.

You may be surprised with how little an upgrade would cost you!

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