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Americans are holding onto enough unused items to pay for their entire holiday season

We conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults with PollFish that revealed many Americans could have a dream holiday season this year, by simply selling old cell phones, DVDs, tablets, clothing, toys and more! Here's what we found...

How has the pandemic affected what Americans will do this holiday season?

56% of Americans will avoid planned travel due to pandemic

72% say the budget for the holidays is particularly tight this year

87% of families say they’re looking for new ways to make the holiday special

Instead - Americans are planning further ahead this year

3 in 5 have already started to save money

68% plan to set a budget for holiday spending this year, compared to just 56% last year

84% are already actively seeking out deals

How are Americans planning to afford the holiday season?

53% are looking for additional sources of income

vs 36% in 2019

64% plan to take up a second job

vs 32% in 2019

58% plan to work overtime

vs 32% in 2019

54% plan to cut back on fixed monthly expenses

vs 25% in 2019

You could have an unclaimed check under your roof!

More than 1 in 2 Americans have no plans to sell any of their unused items

Yet many Americans are sitting on a great deal of money from old laptops, mobile phones, tablets, DVDs, clothes, toys and more lingering in closets and drawers.

Given the average holiday budget of $1,262, many Americans could finance their entire holiday season!

A shame, given the average value could buy a…

Playstation 5


iPhone 11 (Refurbished)


Are you looking to cash in on your valuables to finance this holiday?

Start selling your old tech items here with Decluttr.

Start Selling

*Decluttr surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults between the dates of October 9 - 10, 2020 in collaboration with survey provider, PollFish.
A full list of questions, responses and details on demographics can be found here.