About Us

Looking for a new Cell Phone, Tablet or Games Console at an incredible price? You’ve come to the right place!

On the Decluttr Store, you’ll find thousands of fantastic refurbished Tech products at a fraction of their original cost. If you’re a music lover, make sure you check out our awesome range of pre-owned CDs too!

Why buy from the Decluttr Store?

Quality Guaranteed

Every product we sell, from an iPhone to a CD, goes through an extensive quality check. All of our tech products are fully refurbished and graded based on their condition to help you make an informed purchase.

Incredible Prices

Our refurbished Tech and preowned CDs cost much less than buying new and you can save even more with our fantastic offers.

12 month Limited Warranty

To give you extra peace of mind, every Tech product we sell includes a 12 month LIMITED warranty. 

FREE Tracked Shipping

We’ll ship your order for FREE no matter where you live!

Did you know you can sell Tech & CDs with us too?

Selling your unwanted Tech and CDs with Decluttr is fast, easy and totally FREE! Just get an instant price, ship your stuff for FREE and we’ll pay you the day after it arrives by PayPal, direct deposit or check. You can sell DVDs, Games, Books and LEGO® at the same time too!