Nintendo Switch

5 reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally unveiled the much-anticipated Switch recently and it looks pretty awesome. Alright, so there are a couple of negatives: the price is a little higher than expected, it’ll only have six games at launch (although one of them is Zelda) and those JoyCons look super small when used on …

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5 tips to help you declutter in 2017

Planning to clear out your home this year? Follow these top tips for maximum decluttering success!   Set goals If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or train for a marathon, you’ll probably have set a couple of goals; I want to be this weight by this month, I want …

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What is America’s favorite Christmas song?

You’ve undoubtedly heard a ton of Christmas songs by now: White Christmas, All I Want for Christmas is You, Jingle Bells… the list goes on! But which is America’s favorite? As we can’t go out and ask every single person in the country (it’d take forever), we decided to take …

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