The iPad is 7 years old. Do you still need one?

Just over seven years ago, Steve Jobs strolled onto a stage in his trademark black turtle neck and dad jeans and introduced the world to the iPad. Jobs was convincing enough, but people still weren’t sure. Wasn’t it just a big iPod Touch? Can’t we do all this stuff with …

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Romcom featured image

Which rom-com does your state love most?

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about grand romantic gestures, classy dinner dates and super expensive gifts. For some of us, nothing beats settling down with our other half in front of a good old fashioned rom-com. But what is America’s favorite rom-com? We decided to find out using Google Search data …

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What are the best football movies?

The curtain has fallen on another NFL season, with the New England Patriots staging a stunning comeback against the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl LI. The season may be over, but you don’t have to live without football entirely. Here are some of our favorite movies to fill the …

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us top 100 synaesthesia

A Synaesthete tastes our favorite songs and albums of all time

Know much about Synaesthesia? The neurological condition results in two senses being involuntarily connected. When the person hears a sound, they can also see an associated color, texture or pattern. Alternatively, they may be able to taste a particular food or flavor when a certain noise is played. We wanted …

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US Feat Image 2016

What do the most popular songs of 2016 taste like?

Pharrell Williams, Lorde and Kanye West are all musicians with synaesthesia – a neurological condition where two different senses are involuntarily connected. When they hear sounds, they see colors, patterns and textures. Other people with synaesthesia can taste sounds. Considering what this would be like, the Decluttr team chatted with …

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5 of the weirdest features on recent cell phones

One of the most common complaints about modern smartphones is that they’re all very similar. They all look the same, boast the same kind of power, have the same kind of storage. Occasionally, though, cell phone manufacturers add a feature to their devices that makes you sit up and question …

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Nintendo Switch

5 reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally unveiled the much-anticipated Switch recently and it looks pretty awesome. Alright, so there are a couple of negatives: the price is a little higher than expected, it’ll only have six games at launch (although one of them is Zelda) and those JoyCons look super small when used on …

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