Who is the most popular video game character in your state?

Gamers have long debated over which video game character is the greatest of them all. Unfortunately, most of these debates are based entirely on opinion and only lead to more arguments and occasional name-calling. To settle the debate once and for all, we decided to use cold hard Google search …

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SNES PlayStation

The greatest unreleased games consoles

For every PlayStation, there are a ton of consoles that never make it to market. Here are some of the ones that might have actually been pretty good… SNES PlayStation As strange as it seems now, Sony and Nintendo were best buds in the early 90s. Sony manufactured sound chips …

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5 more awesome benefits of owning less

America is a nation drowning in clutter. According to one study, there are 300,000 items in the average American home. Another suggests that 1 in 10 Americans rent a storage unit, with 50% simply storing stuff they can’t fit into their home. Even if your home isn’t crammed with clutter, …

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How addicted are we to our cell phones?

It’s about time we all admitted we’re too addicted to our cell phones. From non-stop selfie-taking to endless scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, it’s easy to forget to put the tech down – even in situations when we really need to. To find out just how bad the problem is, …

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What is the most expensive phone ever?

The iPhone 8 will apparently be the most expensive iPhone ever, with a rumored price tag of over $1,000. That sounds like a lot, but its loose change compared to the price of the phones in this post. Here are the most valuable cell phones in the world… HTC One …

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Best selling albums of the 90s

What is the best selling album of the 90s (in the US)?

The 90s was a great time for music, with classic albums across all genres: Nevermind, The Chronic, Odelay – we could go on. Surprisingly, you won’t find any of those albums in this post. Here are the best selling albums of the 90s in America, according to SoundScan data… 10. …

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What is the worst movie ever made?

It’s a question that has troubled humanity since the dawn of film; what is the worst movie ever made? That’s a subjective question, of course. But, thanks to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, we can now offer a kind of scientific answer. Using data from both sites, we took some of …

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Alien Movies

What is America’s favorite alien movie?

Alien: Covenant is number one at the US box office, proving that extra-terrestrials are as popular as ever with Americans! But even though the Alien franchise has grossed nearly $1 billion at the US box office, are any of the movies from the series America’s favorite? With people undoubtedly revisiting …

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