Decluttr on your mobile

With the FREE Decluttr app you can scan in your items quickly and easily, complete your trade, edit your details and check the status of your order, all while on the go! To download our FREE app now, click here.

How it Works

With our Android app you can do all your favourite Decluttr things... but on the go! The app makes it even easier to scan in your barcodes, complete a trade, edit your details and check the status of your order. Download the FREE Decluttr app here or search "Decluttr" on Google Play.

Sign in, Register or have a peek at your instant offer!
You don't have to register to start checking the price of your Items - for a quick, instant value, just click the "Get Value" button. Alternatively, you can login with the same login details you’ve used on the site to see your saved orders. If you haven't registered yet, it's easy and FREE, and you can register straight from your app in a few quick steps.

Scanning in your barcodes
When you’ve signed in there are 3 basic options:

Scan In
Use your Android camera as a scanner to let you quickly scan in barcodes.

Key In
An alternative to scanning, you can key in all the digits of the barcode to enter an item.

View my basket
To let you view all your items and from here you can confirm your order.

Checking your Order History and your Order Status on the go!

After signing in, simply click your "Menu" button, press "My Account" and then "View Order History". If you have any previous Orders, they will be saved here.

Click on an Order to view the specific items and prices contained within it. At the top of the list of Items, in blue, it will tell you at which stage of the process, the specific order selected, is at.

Changing your details
From your “Account Options” it’s easy to update your user details or change your password. Just press your “Menu” button, select “Account Options”, then choose either “Change Password” to update your password or click “User Details” to update your personal details  - it’s as simple as that!

Start de-cluttering today and EARN extra cash while you do it!
So go right ahead. You can store up to 500 items in each Order, so there’s nothing stopping you getting rid of all those old CDs, DVDs and Games!

Look out for the
Android App!
There are two great ways to
download the app. You can
download it straight to your
Android by searching
Decluttr in Google Play
and the second way is to log
onto from your computer and
search for us on Google Play,
then just sync your computer
with your device.

Category: Lifestyle
Released: December 2013
Version: 2.0
Camera: Android cameras from
2MP onwards
Size: 369 K
Language: English
Developer: Entertainment
Magpie Ltd
© 2013 Decluttr

Camera for barcode scanning,
phone with operating system
2.2 or higher.

Android from OS 2.3.3 or higher.

Android & Google Play are trademark's of Google Inc.

Not got anything Android?
Please don’t feel left out – this
great app is also available for
your Apple device here.

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