An easy way to make EXTRA CASH - Find out how it works

 How it works

Enter or scan a DVD, CD or Game barcode to get an instant value for each item you want to SELL.

Send your items to us for FREE using our FREE Shipping Service Labels.
Get CASH for your DVDs, CDs & Games. Easy!
To find out more, click here.

Enter a minimum of 10 items up to a maximum of 500 items per Order. But you can create as many orders as you like.

At Decluttr we’ve made it EASY for you to sell the DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Blu-rays that you aren't using anymore for CASH!

It’s so easy to do! #Decluttr.

We even make recycling your old items really easy. You put your DVDs, CDs & Games all in ONE box and send it to us for FREE. Simple!

Decluttr is FREE

Decluttr is totally FREE to use! including the cost of sending us your items, which is FREE too.

It’s simple and FREE to send your DVDs, CDs & Games to Decluttr using our FREE Shipping Service. Just attach the FREE Shipping Service Label(s) to your box(es), which we can send to you by email or regular mail, and then ship us your package(s) via either UPS or the United States Postal Service (USPS).

An easy way to make money

Decluttr is the best place to get CASH for your DVDs, CDs & Games! sending your stuff to us is FREE. You can do it all in ONE place, and we’ll send you ONE payment. Hassle-free, simple to do and really convenient. Find out how to sell your old DVDs, CDs & Games, click here.

Decluttr and get CASH

Think of all that extra space around the house you can create by Decluttr’ing your unwanted DVDs, CDs & Games! Not only that, but you’ll be getting paid to do it! NICE!

Just enter the barcode of the DVD, CD or Game that you want to sell in our Valuation Engine above and click the "Get Value" button for an instant offer price.

Make room. Make money.
Moving out, moving in or
just moving on with your life?

Decluttr™ allows you to instantly turn your old DVDs, CDs & Games into cash.It's really easy to use. Just enter the barcode of the DVD, CD or Game you want to sell into our Valuation Engine, and we'll tell you how much it's worth. Easy!

Lots of folks, just like you, have Decluttr’d their old DVDs, CDs & Games to clear some space in their home and make a little extra money for themselves. It’s simple to do. Just start typing the barcodes of the items you want to sell into our Valuation Engine to get an instant price!

With the FREE Decluttr app, you can sell your unwanted DVDs, CDs & Games quickly and easily. Our app turns your smartphone's camera into a handy barcode scanner, and with nearly 1 million downloads, it definitely makes selling easy.


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